Murphy & Deborah Mobley

Murphy is a gifted craftsman in painting, illustrating, graphic design and much more. His skill is evident throughout the ministry’s website and printed materials as he leads the design/marketing efforts on the core team. Though he has a natural GOD-given talent to capture on canvas what others do not readily see, he is committed to mastering whatever tool or gift GOD gives him so that he may honor GOD with excellence.

After many years in the financial industry, Deborah serves the ministry by providing treasury and financial accountability. She also offers the gift of teaching to the ministry, with a great desire to help others understand the heart of GOD.

Murphy and Deborah are excited to have "crossed over" into an enhanced understanding of GOD's Word from its Hebraic root. They have been a part of the ministry since its beginning.

Married for over 30 years, Murphy is Dad and Deborah is step-Mom to 2 adult children, Demarcus and Rashonda.
Chiram / Murhpy
(Gifted of GOD)
Core Group Leader / Graphic Designer / Media / Web / Artist
Devorah / Deborah
(Bee - to speak, declare, warn; arrange)
Core Group Leader / Minister / Finance / Communication