Darryl & Melissa Pettigrew

Darryl has had a heart after YHVH (GOD) all his life.  This heart for GOD gives him a sincere heart for people.  His passion is to serve and aid others by encouragement, support and providing necessary resources and tools to help them become all GOD has intended them to be.  The combination if this passion and his love for technology, propelled Darryl to head up the 2016 launch of Covenant Heart Podcast, a production of Ministry of SHOFAR and the SHOFAR App, available in the Google Playstore and Apple Store.  Darryl also greatly enjoys cooking and creating an atmosphere where all can gather at the Table of Fellowship and truly enjoy sharing in each other's lives.

Melissa has felt the calling of YHVH (GOD) on her life in the area of worship from a young age. She has been actively involved in various areas of ministry and operations (music, audio / visual, youth/young adult, dance and administration) throughout her life. She has always hungered for the deep things of GOD. Just as HE has taken her father, Rabbi Matthew, on this incredible journey of understanding the Hebraic roots of Scripture and applying the foundational principles HE originally intended for all mankind, GOD birthed this passion for truth in her as well. She currently assists in setting an atmosphere of worship in SHOFAR via prayer, music and audio/graphic facilitation, so that people can hear GOD and worship him as HE desires in the moment.

Darryl and Melissa were married in 2014 and serve alongside their parents in ministry.  They have been blessed with their first child, a beautiful daughter, Eden Jubilee.
(Beloved Son)
Core Group Leader / IT / Media / Web

Dvorit / Melissa

(Bee - in the sense of orderly motion / To warn or speak)
Core Group Leader / IT / Media / Web / Security & Compliance / Worship Leader