John & Rebecca Sipley

John brings creative and technical gifts to the Ministry of SHOFAR. His ability to see visually shows in his video editing and photographs. The videos and images communicate Rabbi Matthew’s messages and a Hebraic view of the world.

Rebecca is a passionate teacher of the Scriptures and shares keen insights and practical applications in her messages. A life-long seamstress, her love of color and texture is shown in the worship elements and displays at SHOFAR.

John and Rebbecca have been a part of SHOFAR since the begining. They have been married for over 30 years, and have three grown children, Caleb, Ian and Brianna, who are also involved in SHOFAR.
Yochanan / John
(YAHWEH has graced)
Core Group Leader / Media/ Photographer / IT / Video
Revkah / Rebecca
(To tie; Captivating; knotted cord)
Core Group Leader / Communications / Minister / Fabric Designer