TORAH Study is a fascinating, interactive Hebraic study of the whole Bible.  Incredibly insightful, our weekly discussions explore the consistency of the scriptures and the relevance of GOD's Torah (Teachings), for every believer today.  So, join us and get ready to make connections throughout scripture like never before and rediscover the wholeness of your faith!


The scripture study portion of TORAH Study is a subscription based group study program. Study materials produced by First Fruits of Zion. To order, visit
For the 5777 / 2017 TORAH cycle we are exploring ​Torah Club Volume 1, "Unrolling the Scroll.  This weekly scripture study introduces both new believers and seasoned Christians to GOD's Torah given through Moses and the Jewish roots of Christianity with practical applications for godly living.

New this cycle!

We are also excited to now incorporate learning to read the Hebrew language during our TORAH Study.  The Hebrew language is so rich and multi-faceted.  There are numerical, pictorial and musical aspects to the language that if we can better understand it, we can better grasp what GOD has communicated to us in HIS Word.

Current Torah Reading