EDENIC COVENANT (GOD’s promise in Creation)


Also known as “The Covenant of Creation.” The Creation of Divine Order; each day of

creation is built on the other. The Edenic covenant reveals the eternal nature of GOD’s

creative design. Genesis chapters one and two contain HIS irrefutable declarative Word

which brought the Earth and the Cosmos into being; Jeremiah 33:19-25; Genesis 8:22

with Genesis 1:14-19 and Psalms 89:34-38.


ADAMIC COVENANT (GOD’s promise and Protection)

The Adamic Covenant uniquely placed humanity as the focal point of GOD’s creation

and defined the purpose for Mankind. Created in the image and likeness of GOD

(Genesis 1:26,27), this covenant was the first expression on earth of the pre-existent,

everlasting covenant in Heaven.


NOAHIC COVENANT (GOD’s promise and Preservation)


The covenant GOD established with Noah, his family, all future generations and creation

itself after the Flood (Genesis 9:9-11). This Covenant reveals the eternal, unchanging

and unifying nature of GOD. Noah and his sons are told to be fruitful and multiply

(Genesis 9:1,7; 8:15-17), that they would rule over the animals (Genesis 9:2-3), and

finally that never again would a universal flood occur (Genesis 9:11,15). The seal of this

covenant is HIS Rainbow – HIS promise to never flood the earth again (Genesis 9:17).

This Covenant reveals GOD’s desire that every person would reflect HIS character, have

dominion, be fruitful, being endowed with eternal life and in a covenantal relationship

with HIM.



ABRAHAMIC COVENANT (GOD’s promise and Redemption)


The covenant of Blessings. GOD promised various types of blessings both personally to

Abraham (Genesis 12:2); that he would be a blessing (Genesis 12:3); that his seed

would multiply (Genesis 17:4-8; 16; 26:4) and that Abraham would be a part of the

Messianic line. Out of all of the blessings that were promised to Abraham, GOD also

added a curse where HE promised: “whoever curses you I will curse” (Genesis 12:3b).

The Covenant seal this Covenant is circumcision.


MOSAIC COVENANT (GOD’s promise and Instruction)


The “Schoolmaster” Covenant,” to instruct us how to walk “skillfully and with wisdom”

on earth. Its purpose is not about salvation, but a restoration of HIS wisdom and

direction in dominion rulership.


DAVIDIC COVENANT (GOD’s promise and HIS Kingdom)


The Covenant of Kingship. GOD covenanted with David the establishment of an eternal

dynasty which would rule all of earth forever (2 Samuel 7: 16), (Psalms 89:34-38; 27-30).

GOD promised that as long as the eternal ordinances of heaven remained that David

would have a seed upon his throne (Jeremiah 33:19-26).




RENEWED COVENANT (GOD’s promise and Restoration)


An irrevocable covenant solely established by GOD’s promise of “I will” (Jeremiah

31:33-34). This covenant declares that GOD would restore within HIS people a new

heart and mind upon which HIS Torah would be embedded (Hebrews 10:16-17). Luke

22:20 Interestingly, the word “New” in Luke 22:20 is the Greek word “Kainŏs which

doesn’t mean “something new” or unprecedented as we were led to understand, but

rather it’s the word “Freshness.” Thus YESHUA was revealing a “FRESH” view or

understanding of something already in existence – the Covenants of GOD! Taking

GOD’s Covenantal relationship to a whole new level! The greatest promise of this

covenant is the ushering in of the indwelling power of HIS Holy Presence – the Holy



The Renewed Covenant is the set up for the outpouring of Shavuot, the empowerment

of the book Acts as “they turned the world upside down,” and the engrafting of the

nations of Believers otherwise known as the Church.