“HE wants you to rise to the top. HE wants you always to be at the right place at the right time so you don’t miss any windows of

opportunity.” – Robert Heidler from the bestselling book ‘A Time to Advance.


GOD established HIS Time so that the children of Israel could fully walk in covenant grace with HIM…. So they could move, work and live

in sync with HIS perfect will for their lives. As believers in YESHUA, we have been grafted into HIS covenant promises as well, which

means we can’t keep living outside of HIS instructions.


Many times we can’t see the hand of GOD moving in our life. It isn’t, however, because there is a lack of blessings being poured out from

HIM. Rather, it is because we lack the understanding of where and when those blessings are manifested. It’s when we align ourselves in

GOD’s times – honoring HIS feasts and entering into HIS times of rest /Shabbat, that we begin to see those blessings overflow.


We invite you to take a closer look. We have provided information as well as links to other valuable resources in hopes to encourage you

to begin realigning yourself with GOD’s Times.

You’ll be greatly blessed!

Are GOD’s Times just Jewish holidays?

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