We want to help you apply to your daily life what you learn through ministry,

teachings and resources we provide. Here are tools to help equip you as you walk out

your covenant journey!

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Heard a song at SHOFAR that just rings

in your spirit? Ever want to have a time

of worship at home or wherever you are

and just don’t have music readily

available? Want a worship list for

Shabbat (Sabbath)? Well look no

further.Tune into SHOFAR’s Spotify

playlists and be prepared to worship

GOD wholeheartedly with all you are!

SHOFAR’s Spotify profile is “ministryofshofar”.

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ideas on how to implement covenant

living in your own life! Find ideas for

Shabbat (Sabbath) meals, celebrating

GOD’s Appointed Times/Feasts and

much more!

Take Ministry of SHOFAR wherever you go!


The SHOFAR app gives you access to the Bible, current teaching series videos, podcast, Hebraic Calendar, SHOFAR events and much more.

App Features:

– Easy access to the latest teaching series.

– Bible Tools: Search and go to any bible verse. Audio bible, concordance available.

– Hebraic and Events Calendar to stay up to date and also add to your Android or IPhone


– On the go Daily Devotions by Torah Family.

– Torah Portions to help you stay current with the weekly Torah (Bible) readings.

– Learning Center: Help shape your foundation whether you are just coming into Christ or

have been a believer for years.

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