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Worship and Teaching 10:30am

2700 72nd Street Urbandale, IA 50322


The Chuppah

The Chuppah, traditionally, is an

object under which covenants are

made. Our Chuppah display is an

area that allows you to seclude

yourself and commune with GOD.

Whether you need to quite yourself

before service or ponder and reflect

after service. You are welcome to

enter the Chuppah and be one on

one with the LORD.


During praise & worship, billowing is

done by using long cloths to create

movement (a natural representation

of a spiritual reaction) to change /

shift the atmosphere in response to

what the Spirit indicates needs to be

done. It is seeking to align with what

is happening in HIS realm and to

connect heaven and earth, to

activate HIS will and purposes in the


Anointing Oils

Anointing oils and fragrances were

used in the scriptures for

consecration and dedication. They

were used to anoint Kings and

Priests and to accompany sacrifices

and worship in the temple. There are

times during the service whether it’s

prayer or worship, that we may want

to set ourselves apart. Even though

we understand there is nothing

special about the oil itself, it is used

as a natural representation of a

spiritual connection. They may be

used to represent healing, breaking

bondage, new beginnings, revelation

or other situations as the Spirit

leads. This is something you will

often see the leadership team use,

but it can be used during your

personal time of worship as well.

Worship Flags & Streamers

A time of worship with music and

singing is probably not unfamiliar to

you; but another dimension is added

as we praise and worship with

dance, praise flags/streamers and

billowing. “David danced before the

LORD with all his might” (2 Samuel

6:14) and so do we! There are times

where we will have choreographed

congregational dances, but there will

also be times of free dance where

everyone is welcome to grab a

streamer or flag and dance before

the LORD of their own accord. Dance

is a very important element to

worship because we use our whole

being to worship GOD and we make

it all about HIM, not about those

around us.

Covenant Meal

We take the “Covenant Meal” in

remembrance of the covenant that

YESHUA (JESUS) made with HIS

disciples and all of us on the night

before HE gave HIMSELF as our

sacrifice (Luke 22:20). As we eat the

bread and drink the juice, we are

setting aside our cares and focusing

our hearts and our minds on the

heart and mind of GOD.

Offering Vase

You will not see a formal offering

being collected during our services.

The tall vase on the right side of the

Chuppah is where you can place

your monetary gifts. Just like all of

the other elements in the Chuppah,

giving is a form of worship and it is

left up to you when you give. You

may give before or after service or

even during the message. There may

be times during the service where a

word speaks to you and you want to

“seed” (or tangibly plant something)

into (the ministry because of) that

word. We want to give you the

opportunity to do that as the LORD

leads you.