Month of Tammuz

New Hebraic Month

Month of Tammuz – (ˈtä-ˌmu̇z)

June- July

Appointed Times: N/A

Hebrew Alphabet: CHET– light radiating from your eyes.

Tribe: Reuben- “Behold a son”!  Fruit of repentance.

Characteristics: Month to guard your heart and your eyes (Deut 11:26, 30:15-19). A filmstrip month – watch your progress and adjust. A month to worship or

develop a golden calf. A time for vision! See what you see and look again! Alignment becomes very important. Notice all of your handshakes this month!

Color: Red

Stone: Carnelian


Reference: “A Time to Advance – Understanding the Significance of the Hebrew Tribes and Months” – Chuck D. Pierce with Robert and Linda Heidler

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