Month of Tevet

New Hebraic Month

Month of Tevet – (teh-VEHT)

December- January

Appointed Times: Chanukah ends

Hebrew Alphabet: AYIN – (eye, spring) – let your good eye see; war with the evil eye and break the power of evil


Tribe: Dan – to judge, grow up and mature.

Characteristics: Chanukkah ends this month: in the midst of destruction there is mercy. This is a month of holy

anger or righteous indignation; be angry but sin not. This month is a time to pray for your Commander in Chief.

Review education for initiation into the next phase of life. Tevet is a good time to fast to purify the blood so your

brain and heart function properly.

Color: Dark blue and turquoise/sapphire

Stone: Turquoise


Reference: “A Time to Advance – Understanding the Significance of the Hebrew Tribes and Months” – Chuck D. Pierce with Robert and Linda Heidler

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