Kingdom Awakening


Do you feel an insatiable stirring within you? One you have difficulty explaining to friends, family and even your pastor?

In Kingdom Awakening, Matthew Spivie shares his personal journey in coming to a Hebraic / Kingdom understanding and gives much needed insight in how to navigate the difficult waters of going against “the societal and religious norm.”

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“ I thought I knew all about GOD but I was looking through my “man-made doctrinal” eyes and didn’t realize I was oblivious to HIS true way of operating… HIS character, calendar and kingdom culture.”

After reading Kingdom Awakening you will:

 – Have a better understanding of GOD’s original intent for mankind.

 – Have a better understanding of why GOD is a GOD of Order and that HE has patterns and ways in which HE functions

 – Have a better Understanding of GOD’s calendar and how and why HE operates within it

 – Feel better prepared to navigate opposition you may encounter as you align your life with HIS Kingdom and do it in a GOD honoring manner

 – Know you are not alone in this journey and that GOD is Awakening many to HIS Kingdom Culture


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