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Welcoming the KING

The TIME we are in… is unlike any other time…

Although things around us can appear bleak, chaotic and uncertain, things are NOT as they appear.  GOD is drawing HIS people

to HIMSELF.  HE has initiated a reset in the earth for those with eyes to see an ears to hear and a heart to receive. 

HE continues to operate in HIS Time, according to HIS calendar and HIS perfect plan that HE set forth from the beginning of time. 

HE has called us to meet with HIM, with a purposed heart, this Shavuot / Pentecost


HE desires a personal encounter with us …individually and collectively.  HE wants to BREATHE HIS SPIRIT afresh upon us, to PROVIDE instruction

for what is ahead, and to DO only what HE can in and through us. We encourage you to ENTER IN, SUBMIT your heart and

OPEN your spirit to receive what GOD has made available now! We do not know WHAT TO EXPECT…. we only know TO EXPECT! 


May these resources minister to you and uncap you as you SEEK HIM with all that you are, RECEIVE of HIM like never before and

be RELEASED into ALL HE ordained!


Psalm 96 : 1 - 13 - Adonai our GOD, the Supreme King

1 Sing a new song to the Eternal;
sing in one voice to the Eternal, all the earth.
2 Sing to the Eternal of all the good things He’s done.
Bless His name;
broadcast the good news of His salvation each and every day.
3 Enlighten the nations to His splendor;
describe His wondrous acts to all people.
4 For the Eternal is great indeed and praiseworthy;
feared and reverenced above all gods, the True God shall be.
5 For all human-made, lifeless gods are worthless idols,
but the Eternal plotted the vast heavens, shaped every last detail.
6 Honor and majesty precede Him;
strength and beauty infuse His holy sanctuary.

7 Give all credit to the Eternal, families of the world!
Credit Him with glory, honor, and strength!
8 Credit Him with the glory worthy of His magnificent name;
gather your sacrifice, and present it at His temple.
9 Bow down to the Eternal, adorned in holiness;
lay awestruck before Him, trembling, all people of the earth.
10 Shout out to the nations, “The Eternal reigns!
Yes, indeed, the world is anchored and will not shake loose.
He governs all people with a fair hand.”
11 And so, let the heavens resound in gladness!
Let joy be the earth’s rhythm as the sea and all its creatures roar.
12 Let the fields grow in triumph, a grand jubilee for all that live there.
Let all the trees of the forest dig in and reach high with songs of joy before the Eternal,
13 For the Eternal is on His way:
yes, He is coming to judge the earth.
He will set the world right by His standards,
and by His faithfulness, He will examine the people…

Psalms: 98 : 1 - 9 - Adonai our GOD, the Ruler of the World

1 Compose a new song, and sing it to the Eternal
because of the unbelievable things He has done;
He has won the victory
with the skill of His right hand and strength of His holy arm.
2 The Eternal has made it clear that He saves,
and He has shown the nations that He does what is right.
3 He has been true to His promises;
fresh in His mind is His unfailing love
for all of Israel.
4 Raise your voices; make a beautiful noise to the Eternal, all the earth.
Let your joy explode into song and praise;
5 Make music to the Eternal with the harp;
sing a beautiful melody with the harp and chorus.
6 With trumpets and horns,
fill the air with joyful sounds to the King, the Eternal.
7 Let the sea rumble and roar, and all the creatures it holds shout praise;
let the whole world and all those who live in it join the celebration.
8 Let the rivers applaud
and the mountains join in joyful song
9 In the presence of the Eternal because He is coming
to judge the earth.
He is coming,
and His judgment will be what is right for the world
and just to all people.

7 Give all credit to the Eternal, families of the world!
Credit Him with glory, honor, and strength!
8 Credit Him with the glory worthy of His magnificent name;
gather your sacrifice, and present it at His temple.
9 Bow down to the Eternal, adorned in holiness;
lay awestruck before Him, trembling, all people of the earth.
10 Shout out to the nations, “The Eternal reigns!
Yes, indeed, the world is anchored and will not shake loose.
He governs all people with a fair hand.”
11 And so, let the heavens resound in gladness!
Let joy be the earth’s rhythm as the sea and all its creatures roar.
12 Let the fields grow in triumph, a grand jubilee for all that live there.
Let all the trees of the forest dig in and reach high with songs of joy before the Eternal,
13 For the Eternal is on His way:
yes, He is coming to judge the earth.
He will set the world right by His standards,
and by His faithfulness, He will examine the people…

Psalms 99: 1 - 9 - Adonai our GOD, the Supreme Sovereign King

1 The Eternal is the king ruling over all;
let all people shake in fear.
He sits on His throne, settled between winged guardians;[a]
let the planet tremble.
2 The Eternal is great in the hearts of His people;
He has made Zion His sacred mountain,
and He reigns majestic over all people.
3 Let them express praise and gratitude to Your amazing and awesome name—
because He is holy, perfect and exalted in His power.
4 The King who rules with strength also treasures justice.
You created order and established what is right.
You have carried out justice
and done what is right to the people of Jacob.
5 Lift up the Eternal our God in your heart;
bow down to the earth where He rests His feet.
He is holy, perfect and exalted in His power.
6 Moses and Aaron were two of His priests;
Samuel was among those who called out to Him.
They asked the Eternal for help, and He answered them.
7 He answered them from a column of cloud;
they heeded His testimonies
and lived by the laws He gave them.
8 You answered them, Eternal our God;
You were, to them, a God who forgives,
yet You did not ignore what they did wrong
and punished them fairly as well.
9 Lift up the Eternal our God in your hearts,
and celebrate His goodness at His holy mountain,
for the Eternal our God is holy, perfect and exalted in His power.

Psalm: 103 - The Love of Adonai our GOD

1 O my soul, come, praise the Eternal
with all that is in me—body, emotions, mind, and will—every part of who I am—
praise His holy name.
2 O my soul, come, praise the Eternal;
sing a song from a grateful heart;
sing and never forget all the good He has done.
3 Despite all your many offenses, He forgives and releases you.
More than any doctor, He heals your diseases.
4 He reaches deep into the pit to deliver you from death.
He crowns you with unfailing love and compassion like a king.
5 When your soul is famished and withering,
He fills you with good and beautiful things, satisfying you as long as you live.
He makes you strong like an eagle, restoring your youth.
6 When people are crushed, wronged, enslaved, raped, murdered,
the Eternal is just;
He makes the wrongs right.
7 He showed Moses His ways;
He allowed His people Israel to see His wonders and acts of power.
8 The Eternal is compassionate and merciful.
When we cross all the lines, He is patient with us.
When we struggle against Him, He lovingly stays with us—changing, convicting, prodding;
9 He will not constantly criticize,
nor will He hold a grudge forever.
10 Thankfully, God does not punish us for our sins and depravity as we deserve.
In His mercy, He tempers justice with peace.
11 Measure how high heaven is above the earth;
God’s wide, loving, kind heart is greater for those who revere Him.
12 You see, God takes all our crimes—our seemingly inexhaustible sins—and removes them.
As far as east is from the west, He removes them from us.
13 An earthly father expresses love for his children;
it is no different with our heavenly Father;
The Eternal shows His love for those who revere Him.
14 For He knows what we are made of;
He knows our frame is frail, and He remembers we came from dust.
15 The children of Adam are like grass;
their days are few;
they flourish for a time like flowers in a meadow.
16 As the wind blows over the field and the bloom is gone,
it doesn’t take much to blow us out of the memory of that place.
17 But the unfailing love of the Eternal is always and eternal
for those who reverently run after Him.
He extends His justice on and on to future generations,
18 To those who will keep His bond of love
and remember to walk in the guidance of His commands.
19 The Eternal has established His throne up in the heavens.
He rules over every seen and unseen realm and creature.
20 Adore Him! Give Him praise, you heavenly messengers,
you powerful creatures who listen to
and act on His every word.
21 Give praise to the Eternal, all armies of heaven—
you servants who stand ready to do His will.
22 Give praise to the Eternal, all that He has made
in all corners of His creation.
O my soul, come, praise the Eternal!

Psalm 105: 1 -11 - Adonai our GOD and His People

1 Come, offer thanks to the Eternal; invoke His holy name.
Tell other people about the things He has done.
2 Sing songs of praise to Him;
tell stories of all His miracles.
3 Revel in His holy name.
May the hearts of the people who seek the Eternal celebrate and experience great joy.
4 Seek the Eternal and His power;
look to His face constantly.
5 Remember the wonderful things He has done,
His miracles and the wise decisions He has made,
6 O children of Abraham, His servant;
O children of Jacob, His chosen people!
7 He is the Eternal, our True God;
His justice extends to every corner of the earth.
8 He keeps His covenant promises forever
and remembers the word He spoke to a thousand generations—
9 The covenant He made with Abraham
and His sworn oath to Isaac, his son.
10 Then God confirmed it to Jacob—decreed it so—
to Israel He promised a never-ending covenant,
11 Saying, “I will give you the land of Canaan
as your part; it will be your inheritance.”

Psalms: 106: 1- 5 - ADONAI'S GOODNESS

 1 Hallelujah!
Give thanks to Yahweh because he is good,
Your tender love and mercy for us Lord, continues on forever.
2 Who could ever fully describe the Lord’s mighty acts, glorious miracles?
who could ever praise you enough?
3 The happiest one on earth is the one who keeps your word
and clings to righteousness every moment, who always do what they know to be right!
4 Remember me, O Yahweh, when you show favor to your people.
Come to help me with your salvation
5 so that I may see the prosperity of your chosen ones,
find joy in our people’s happiness,
and rejoice with the people who belong to you.

Psalms: 111 : 1 - 10 - In Praise of Adonai our GOD

1 Hallelujah!
I will give thanks to Yahweh with all my heart
in the company of decent people and in the congregation.
2 Splendor and beauty mark his craft;
His generosity never gives out.
Yahweh’s deeds are spectacular.
They should be studied by all who enjoy them.
3 His work is glorious and majestic.
His righteousness continues forever.
4 He has made his miracles unforgettable.
Yahweh is merciful and compassionate.
5 He provides food for those who fear him.
He always remembers his promise.
6 He has revealed the power of his works to his people
by giving them the lands of other nations as an inheritance.
7 His works are done with truth and justice.
All his guiding principles are trustworthy.
8 They last forever and ever.
They are carried out with truth and decency.
9 He has sent salvation to his people.
He has ordered that his promise should continue forever.
His name is holy and terrifying.
10 The fear of Yahweh is the beginning of wisdom.
Good sense is shown by everyone who follows God’s guiding principles.
His praise will echo through eternity!

Psalm 96 : 1 - 13 - The Traits of the Righteous

1 Hallelujah!
Happy is the man who fears the Lord,
taking great delight in His commands.
2 His descendants will be powerful in the land;
the generation of the upright will be blessed.
3 Wealth and riches are in his house,
and his righteousness endures forever.
4 Light shines in the darkness for the upright.
He is gracious, compassionate, and righteous.
5 Good will come to a man who lends generously
and conducts his business fairly.
6 He will never be shaken.
The righteous man will be remembered forever.
7 He will not fear bad news;
his heart is confident, trusting in the Lord.
8 His heart is assured; he will not fear.
In the end he will look in triumph on his foes.
9 He distributes freely to the poor;
his righteousness endures forever.
His horn will be exalted in honor.
10 The wicked man will see it and be angry;
he will gnash his teeth in despair.
The desire of the wicked man will come to nothing.

Psalm 128 - The Blessings of the Lord

1 How joyous are those who love the Lord and bow low before God,
ready to obey him!
2 Your reward will be prosperity, happiness, and well-being.
3 Your wife will bless your heart and home.
Your children will bring you joy as they gather around your table.
4 Yes, this is God’s generous reward for those who love him.
5 May the Lord bless you out of his Zion-glory!
May you see the prosperity of Jerusalem
throughout your lifetime.
6 And may you be surrounded by your grandchildren.
Happiness to you! And happiness to Israel!


As I start this journey...

Several days ago, I woke up with the thought of “keeping pace”. I believe YAH is calling each of us to a particular pace that we are to keep with HIM each day of this Kingdom ascension to Shavout. And each person’s pace will be different in the ascension. But we all arrive at the place that we’re supposed to be at the same time, together. Whatever the pace that YESHUA sets with you, I pray that you would give yourself fully to it. Fully enter into it, so that HE will prosper you on your way (not only at the arrival). So that you would start the journey and climax the journey in HIM, keeping the pace HE sets. And that you would be excited to do so.

I compare this time to the annual pilgrimage the Hebrews would make to Jerusalem to celebrate Shavuout and the other HOLY days. There are a group of 15 songs (Psalms 120-Psalms 134) they would sing as they journeyed up. You might find them referred to as Songs of “Degrees” meaning songs of “bringing up or lifting up”, Song of Steps, Songs of Going Up. I can relate to that! It’s what I want to have happen within me as we travel this road towards Shavuout. I want to be lifted, I want the movement of GOD within me. I want to move up in the Kingdom of GOD (not in rank, but in nearness, and in knowing, and in understanding), I want to move closer in my positioning before YAH and so that automatically means going “up”.

Psalm 120 is a plea for freedom from the distresses of the surrounding world with all its deception. That’s how I feel. Everything around me that’s deceptive and attempts to rob me of outward and inward peace, everything that tries to fight with me, war with me…I lay it down. I will not start this journey with weights. I’m starting with the thought that I want to move on and up in “shalom”…outward and inward peace. As I start this journey, I want to lay aside every weight that would attempt to hinder me from keeping my pace. Over the next 10 days, as the Spirit of YAH leads, I’ll share my gleaning from some of these songs, and I invite you to do the same.

Blessings to each one of you in YESHUA’s name!


“Living Shofar”

Prepare and Declare


I have 3 videos to share with you.
1.) What GOD put on my heart
2.) A song to declare over yourself
3.) A reminder to Prepare Your Field!

Love & Blessings!
~ Melissa

My LORD and I,

Today is an exciting day! It’s the perfect day for journeying, don’t you think? One of my FAVORITE things is traveling…I get so excited, sometimes giddy as I think of what’s ahead…some new experience, some new sound, some new sight or taste…the “new and different” breeds a higher sense of expectancy when I travel, than when I go through my ordinary days. Before I go on a trip, I start preparing what I plan to bring with me. I check to be sure I have the essentials, like toothpaste, deodorant, a good pair walking shoes, a pair of sunglasses, clothes that fit the weather, money, hat…just what I need. Most often, I’ll double check before leaving to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything. Then I start to set my sight on where I’m going.

When I read Psalm 121 today, I imagine looking out towards my destination, as the psalmist says, “I will lift “up” my eyes to the mountains, my high place, my destination. I focus on where I’m going and I acknowledge that my Helper is traveling with me! My Helper is alert, aware, never tired out.
But as I was thinking on this psalm, it was as if I was doing a last minute check…to reinforce the fact that I have everything I need to make it to the top of the mountain!

• Do I have my Helper to hold me firmly as I walk – check
• Do I have my Keeper who never takes HIS eyes off of me, He’s aware of what time it is – check
• Do I have my Shade, my Sunscreen, my Protector from the elements: sun, moon, wind, rain whatever the elements HE is already prepared so I don’t wear out from exhaustion – check
• Do I have my Life Preserver to take me out from here and take me up to the mountain of my destination, to keep me safe – check

The only thing left to do now is to start walking ‘cause I’ve got everything I need to make it to the high place! And so do you…our Helper, our Keeper, our Protector our Life Preserver…our Everything. So, Let’s Go!!
Blessings to each one of you in YESHUA’s name!


“Living Shofar”

Prior to YESHUA's ascension

Prior to YESHUA’s ascension HE spent 40 days speaking to the talmadim specifically about the Kingdom of GOD. Then he told them to stay in the city of Jerusalem for the Father’s equipping…to be immersed in HOLY SPIRIT. They were going to need that equipping for what was about to happen!! Whoa!!! Everything was turned upside down…traditions, interpretations, worship… everything!!! And they moved in Kingdom authority by the ability of HOLY SPIRIT within and faith in the resurrected LORD and KING!

I need HIS equipping for what’s about to happen. I need HIS might. Prayers prayed, prophecies made are converging once again.


“Living Shofar”


I have been reflecting on the 10 period between Yeshua’s ascension and Shavuot, also known as Pentecost.

Yeshua had told them: Luke 24:49 (LEB): And behold, I am sending out what was promised by my Father upon you, but you stay in the city until you are clothed with power from on high.”

Yeshua gave them the command but they had no idea what they were waiting for and when it would come. Since we are on this side of the event, we forget that the disciples had no idea what was going to happen. Yet, they responded and were intentional…which is what obedience is.

What God has been making me aware of lately is what my response to things is – am I resisting or receiving? I am noticing if I am resisting or if I am receiving and also what I am resisting and what I am receiving. Very illuminating!

For many of us, we automatically go into resistance mode when facing uncertainty and the unknown…often without even being aware of it. Being on the journey to Shavuot…..not knowing what to do exactly, not knowing what God is going to do can be very uncomfortable for many of us. So what do we do if we are in that place?

God has made it very simple for me and I wanted to share since it might be helpful for some of you…

I am to show up and be intentional every day:
Father, I welcome, receive, and honor You today as my King.
I welcome, receive and honor Your Kingdom today.
Help me to see what I need to see, hear what I need to hear, and perceive and understand what I need to perceive and understand.

That’s it!

I do the same thing when reading the Scriptures or songs posted…it is simple and enables me to learn the skill of receiving…a life-changer for sure! It is a skill I can practice and learn!

Blessings to you all! We have the opportunity during this time to increase our skill of being “receivers” in the Kingdom of God!


SPIRIT breathe…breathe on us!

SPIRIT breathe…breathe on us!
SPIRIT breathe…breathe on us!
Not by might, not by power…by YOUR SPIRIT GOD!
Send YOUR Spirit YAH!

After HIS resurrection and prior to HIS ascension, YESHUA personally appeared to HIS talmadim where they were somewhat

hiding out because they were afraid of retaliation from some of the Jewish leaders. But when they saw YESHUA with them in the
room, they were sooo happy, sooo glad! HE was alive as it had been reported to them. YESHUA is alive!!! How excited and
amazed they must have been! After speaking words of peace and reassurance, HE let them know HE was sending them out and
then HE did something to them…something that would change the course of their lives forever…HE breathed on them! HE
breathed on them to receive!! Just like the breath of life that was breathed into humanity from the beginning. The SPIRIT of the
Living GOD that left when Adam sinned. YESHUA now says “receive” again, receive afresh the HOLY SPIRIT John 20:22. And
we know that HE told them to stay in Jerusalem until they received HOLY SPIRIT power (Acts 1:5).
As we enter Day 3 of Ascending into the Kingdom on the road to Shavuout, the ascending Psalm 122 opens by saying, “I was
glad when they said to me, Let us go into the house of the LORD!” GOD HIMSELF has decreed that we should join with HIM and one another…come home…reunite…3 times a year. This particular reunion appears to be geared towards imparting something to us…whether at Mt. Sinai when YHVH instructions were given, or at Pentecost when the power of HOLY SPIRIT was given…there was an impartation!
It reminds me of what Peter said at the outpouring of HOLY SPIRT, as he reminded those who were in Jerusalem for Shavuout… in the last days GOD said (Joel 2:28), HE would pour out of HIS SPIRIT on all flesh, all humanity…sons and daughters will prophesy by the SPIRIT of GOD, young people would have visions from the SPRIT of GOD and old people would dream dreams from the SPIRIT OF GOD. Even the very sky and heavens above would reflect amazing and prophetic signs and wonders never seen like it before.
As we travel this road to Shavuout, we are positioning ourselves for an impartation! HOLY SPIRIT breathe on me, breathe on us…breathe, pour out…
Blessings to each one of you in YESHUA’s name!
“Living Shofar”
How Great

I wanted to share this song…
I awoke this morning with this song bubbling over and over again in me…
I didn’t know the title or much of the words(i know some of you who know me are chuckling )…It was a phrase that kept playing in my head…so I had to go on a search to find it.

When I heard the song play… I ascended into worship and my heart soared with joy…

When you Hear the words and music…may you receive into your heart and let yourself release into
Adonai’s presence… ascending in worship….

Holy Breath!

Ascending into the Kingdom – on the road to Shavuot: Holy Breath!


In the beginning….God formed the first man and put HIS Holy Breath into him.
“the Lord God formed man out of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.”

So Adam was the first “Spirit-filled” human. As a “Spirit-filled” human, Adam could walk with GOD, partner with HIM and govern with HIM. Adam and Eve experienced an unbroken connection, an unbroken flow of life and an unbroken flow of God’s governance in the earth. ALL of this was lost in the Rebellion.

Without the Holy Breath within, how could Adam govern the earth?

In the fullness of time, GOD became flesh and dwelt among us. In Yeshua’s immersion with John, at the beginning of HIS Kingdom mission…..the heavens were split open (Mark 1) and the Spirit, as a dove, came down upon HIM.

From the moment on, the Kingdom mission was ON! HIS mission culminated in HIS trial, crucifixion and death….but doesn’t end there! Yeshua was resurrected!!

After HIS resurrection He comes to HIS disciples for the first time:
John 20:19–22 (LEB): ”Now when it was evening on that day—the first day of the week—and the doors had been shut where the disciples were because of fear of the Jews, Jesus came and stood in their midst and said to them, “Peace to you.”  And when he had said this, he showed his hands and his side to them. Then the disciples rejoiced when they saw the Lord.  So Jesus said to them again, “Peace to you. As the Father has sent me, I also send you.” And when he had said this, he breathed on them and said to them, “Receive the Holy Spirit.”

Yahweh in flesh, Yeshua, breathes HIS Holy Breath into humans again! The power of the Rebellion is broken!

With CPR, we can breath into another human being to keep him alive, but only Yahweh can breathe life into that which is dead!

In Ezekiel 37:9 the Son of Man is told to prophesy to the “wind-breath-Spirit” to come and breathe on the corpses, so that they will live again. In 37:14 the Lord promised, “I will put my Spirit within you, and you will come to life, and I will place you in your own land.”

“Receive the Holy Spirit! Yahweh in flesh, Yeshua, breathes HIS Holy Breath into humans again!

From that moment on, YAHWEH’S Kingdom mission in the earth through HIS “Spirit-filled” humans was ON!



Psalm 125:1-2

Psalm 125:1-2 (The Voice)
A song for those journeying to worship.

1. All who have faith in the ETERNAL stand as Mount Zion: unmoved, enduring, eternal
2. Just as the mountains around Jerusalem embrace her, the ETERNAL, too wraps around those who belong to HIM- for this moment and for every moment to come.

Hello everyone!

As we continue our journey today, like the psalmist in the words above, let us be determined to be steady and firm, knowing we are not alone. We can do ALL things through YESHUA who strengthens us if we determine to. So, let’s do this together, and make a resolution to:
1. Be resolved in our hearts and minds today to continue in faith and expectancy for what is ahead! Keep the faith! Keep the pace! Keep our gaze lifted up!
2. Be unmoved, unwavering and resolved to stand firm on the promises of GOD to meet us during this special time! II Corinthians 15:58…Be firmly planted…(remember the soil from Mark 4 this week), always abounding in the work of the LORD! Our work is to believe HIS WORD and take the place prepared for us in HIS Kingdom
3. Be enduring to outlast any doubt or fear and know there is an appointed time for all that ABBA has promised
4. Have an eternal, Kingdom of GOD, mindset that surpasses the things that concern only ourselves and our basic needs. Know that our ABBA and KING supplies all our needs by the glorious riches given to us through YESHUA. HE is the true bread, the true water..seeking HIM first ensures all our needs are met.

ABBA we thank YOU for the grace to move forward moment by moment, to YOUR appointed time and to YOUR appointed place. Like the mountains surrounding Jerusalem, YOUR Holy city, so too YOU are wrapped around us…each one of us. YOU are walking with us, talking with us and we hear YOUR voice. We recognize YOU and we want your rule in the earth and in our hearts…deep within, SPIRIT to spirit. Breathe a fresh wind over us and in us…In YESHUA’s name…Amen.

Blessings to each of you in YESHUA’S name!!!



Psalm 126

Psalm 126 The Voice (VOICE)
Psalm 126
A song for those journeying to worship.
1 Remember when the Eternal brought back the exiles to Zion?
It was as if we were dreaming—
2 Our mouths were filled with laughter;
our tongues were spilling over into song.
The word went out across the prairies and deserts,
across the hills, over the oceans wide, from nation to nation:
“The Eternal has done remarkable things for them.”
3 We shook our heads. All of us were stunned—the Eternal has done remarkable things for us.
We were beyond happy, beyond joyful.

4 And now, Eternal One, some are held captive and poor.
Release them, and restore our fortunes
as the dry riverbeds of the South spring to life when the rains come at last.
5 Those who walk the fields to sow, casting their seed in tears,
will one day tread those same long rows, amazed by what’s appeared.
6 Those who weep as they walk
and plant with sighs
Will return singing with joy,
when they bring home the harvest.

Hello everyone!
As you read this ascending song today, be reminded of the great things, even miraculous things that YAH has done in the past for you, your family/friends. Remarkable things, either in what HE did or the way HE did it, or both! Remember also how time and time again HE has fulfilled HIS word concerning Israel! Israel also known as THE LAND OF PROMISE! Remember how HE has fulfilled HIS WORD concerning YESHUA [with more to come]. Remember how HE has fulfilled HIS WORD concerning HOLY SPIRIT! HIS WORD is sure!!!

YAH, our GOD. is not slack, negligent, slow or sluggish concerning ANY of HIS promises. But HE is patient and knows the appointed time for the fulfillment of all things!

Throughout the scriptures, no matter the promise, we hear HIM being questioned, “when LORD when?” over and over. I do the same thing sometimes! But our times are in HIS hands. HE is trustworthy and delivers on HIS promises!

Sometimes we are sowing the seed of HIS Word in hardship, through tears and longing. Sometimes we are sowing the seeds in isolation, financial difficulties, health issues or other threatening conditions. The road of ascension is not always easy to travel. Some areas are steep with discouragement and discomfort.
But continue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep going. Keep pace. For those who weep as they walk and plant [seeds of the WORD, seeds of the Messiah and HIS Kingdom, seeds of the fruit of the SPIRIT] will walk these same areas of planting one day and will be filled with joy and laughter to see the harvest produced from the planting.
We are in a harvest season! May your heart turn to joy for all of the remarkable things sure to happen from your planting!

Thank you ABBA for the joy that is set ahead of us already! Thank you that the sowing is worth it and the appointed time will reveal it!

Blessings to you today for a GREAT harvest!!



Psalm127:1-2 - A song of Solomon

A song of Solomon for those journeying to worship.

1 Unless the Eternal builds the house,
those who labor to raise it will have worked for nothing.
Unless the Eternal stands watch over the city,
those who guard it have wasted their time.
2 God provides for His own.
It is pointless to get up early,
work hard, and go to bed late
Anxiously laboring for food to eat;
for God provides for those He loves, even while they are sleeping

Hello Evereyone,
Today, as I think about the first 2 verses of this song, I’m reminded once again that our ABBA ADONAI is a Master Builder!!! HE must be in the center of all that we do. We cannot, must not, rely on our own effort. We’re not strong enough, in and of ourselves. We’re not wise enough or courageous enough. We’re limited, but HE is not. It’s in HIM we find strength that we didn’t know was there. We find wisdom and courage, all the attributes to help us create what YAH has assigned our hands to do.

Let’s stop trying to make it happen by our own effort alone, as if we have to provide for ourselves. The great thing about citizenship in the Kingdom of GOD is that HE provides everything that his citizens, HIS ambassadors need. This is what Rabbi is so wisely teaching us. And if HE does that as our KING, how much more will HE do as our ABBA.

If you read further into this song, you will see the value placed on children. We are YAHs children. HE is happy over us! HE is looking forward to meeting with us! We are arrows in HIS HAND.

So, as we continue ascending, let’s cease from our own works, to accomplish by our own effort, the work of the Kingdom. Let’s ask the SPIRIT of GOD to lead us and remove the anxiousness of not pleasing HIM. Let’s expect HIM to equip us for every assignment and to watch over and show us what to do next, to point us in the right direction to accomplish HIS purposes and not our own.

Blessings to each of you for a great day!



Psalm128 - Those who stand in awe of the Eternal

Psalm 128 (The Voice)
A song for those journeying to worship.
1 Those who stand in awe of the Eternal—
who follow wherever He leads, committed in their hearts—experience His blessings!
2 God will use your hard work to provide you food.
You will prosper in your labor, and it will go well for you.

3 Your wife will be like a healthy vine producing plenty of fruit,
a spring of life in your home.
Your children will be like young olive shoots;
you will watch them bud and bloom around your table.
4 Such are the blessings the Eternal lavishes
on those who stand in awe of Him!

5 May the Eternal continue to pour out His love on you,
showering down blessings from His holy mountain, Zion.
May you see Jerusalem prosper
all your days.
6 May you have the privilege of seeing your grandchildren as they grow.
May peace flourish in Israel!

Today, HOLY SPIRIT led Anita and I to the same ascending song, Psalm128. Not a coincidence! What captured my heart was the very first verse…”Those who stand in awe of the ETERNAL…who follow HIS leadings, those who are committed to HIM in their hearts, will experience HIS blessings!!!
This verse is speaking about YOU!!!! That’s speaking of all of us. That describes us and sets the expectation that we do and we will experience HIS blessings!

We confirmed yesterday that our efforts alone produce nothing that lasts. Today we see that when GOD is included in the work, it produces what we need to sustain us. Our efforts will produce a reward, prosperity and well being. Blessings!!

GOD wants to bless us greater! And we have the ability to speak blessings over one another. Don’t miss the opportunity to bless your family and those who you have influence in their lives. Don’t miss the opportunity to receive the great and generous blessings that GOD has given you. Don’t miss the opportunity to speak the blessings from YAH’s Word over yourself!!!!
This was stirred so strongly in me last night…Speak the blessings of YAH continually. Don’t leave anything to chance or fate. We are the emissaries of YAH in this earth realm. This is our territory! We were made to ensure the authority of YAH in our space. Speak the blessings!!!
Speak the blessings over the world…for GOD so loved the world, HE gave us HIS SON!!!!

Even from this psalm, I say to myself…I am like a healthy vine and I produce plenty of fruit (my husband is the LORD, MAKER OF HEAVEN AND EARTH!). I am a spring of LIFE in my home. I have sons and daughters in the SPIRIT that are blessed from my life!

So from my heart to yours…
May the ETERNAL continue to pour out HIS love on YOU!
May HE shower down blessings, just like the outpouring of HIS rains these past several days…may it be a downpour…a saturation, a soaking, to the point you can hardly take it in. May you experience your greatest Joy’s in HIM! May HE wipe away all tears, all sorrow, all pain and crown you with JOY! May the knowledge of GOD’s desire to bless you be engrained in your brain! May you experience the prosperity like all those of HIS Covenant all your days. May you be privileged to grow old, very old and watch your children, grandchildren flourish and grow into people. Blessings! Lavish Blessings! Spectacular Blessings!





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