The covenants of GOD are the most sacred agreement known to man. It’s unbreakable! Simply summarized, it’s

“A promise that shall never be broken!” The Covenants of GOD is one of the central themes of the Scriptures. They establish

the context for the way GOD relates to HIS people. Covenant is the basis by which the worlds were framed and holds all things

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HIS Covenants are “eternal” in nature, because HE is Eternal! This is why HE attaches words like: “everlasting, eternal or

throughout all your generations” to each of them. Meaning they never end or are temporal in nature… in essence they don’t

time out! Here is another crucial truth we must grasp in our understanding of Covenant – GOD is a GOD of order! GOD doesn’t

Change! This is specifically important in regard to HIS Covenants. GOD is restoring the pure relationship that existed between

HIMSELF and Adam before his disobedience in Genesis 3. GOD’s covenant restores the relationship where the two cease

from being two and become ONE, a unity, a new creation that existed before creation. [/su_expand]